404 is dedicated to providing the highest quality SUP boards with the uncompromised goal of performance.

The story of 404 first started at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle. Greg Jensen, a former professional surfer and shaper, and Danny Ching, a world-renowned outrigger paddler, met and decided to join forces. The two believe that the complement of a knowledgeable shaper and someone who could test the limits of board design, would only lead to the best available SUP products on the market.

Fast-forward to the present, and stand up paddling is far more than just one type of paddling. 404’s roots are in racing, but quickly embraced the diversity of SUP and vows that every paddler, no matter ability or activity, deserves the highest quality of boards to help them achieve their best performance possible.Type your paragraph here.

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Island Inspired Board Company takes board making back to artistry, craftsmanship and relationship. We believe the energy that goes into the making of our boards flows through to the life of the people who ride them. We connect through our boards to a diverse community bound together by the energy and desire to get in to the ocean, waves, and water while fostering a kinship of like minded people. We paddle the ancient waters. We all seek to be inspired.